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Letters from Peter William and Mary Moyers, Lincoln County, Tennesse

Written 1879-1898

The letters presented here were written by Peter William Moyers and wife Mary to their son George Moyers and his wife Kate Gracy Moyers who were living in Texas at the time, probably Hunt County. The letters have been typewritten from the originals retaining Peter's spelling and grammar. Peter did not use periods or first letter capitalization for sentences but he did leave a space between each sentence. Punctuation and capitals have been added for readability. Pictures and notes have been added at the end of some of the letters with pertinent information. Peter W. Moyers was my great grandfather. The letters were in possession of my Aunt Leona Moyers Ham after Uncle George & Aunt Kate died and have been passed down to Leona's granddaughter Edith Williams who gave me copies in September of 1997.

Wayne Moyers -- January 30, 1998

Letter April 1879
Letter January 1882
Letter April 1885
Letter April 1886
Letter August 1886
Letter March 1888
Letter March 1893
Letter October 1893
Letter August 1896
Letter Polly Moyers, March 1898

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