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Millville, Lincoln County Tennessee, April 17, 1879

Son George it has been a long time since we heard from you. I would be glad to hear offener than we do. George, i have nothing to Rite of that new but i will give you all the news that i have. Time are the hardest here that ever was knoun for I am making nothing. No sales of Furnitue at all. I cannot get money for any thing i do there is no money. Coffin Buisness dont pay. People cant Pay for there is no money to Pay with. Son George i dont know what i will do yet. We may move away from here but where to dont know that is if times dont alter or change for the better. We pay 40 cent for corn Bushel wheat 90 to 100 cent Busl flour 3 to 4 cents Bacon 5 to 6 dry good Low down. George son i want you to act the Gentlemen in all your dealing and have friends and make money honestly and take good your of wife an family and besure you dont drink that stuf called whiskey nor none of its Relations Son Rite to us and lat us how you are doing and how you geting along in the world i would be glad to hear was doing well. This leaves us all well at this time. George, we all want to see you and kate. Your Ma says she would be glad to see you both but says that if you was back in this country she dont how that you make any money here or be for Persaudeing you Back and say if time get Better she want you to come Back.George your Ma and Mary want to know where the Old lady Gracey is and if doing well for they Wish her all the good that can be any Body. If living give her our respects. we all send our respects you an Kate. Axcuse bad Riteing an spelling, i rote in haste.

May the Farther of murcey Bess you Both.

Rite soon and often your Farther P.W. Moyers

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