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Letter Peter William Moyers to George J. and Kate Gracy Moyers.

Dellrose, Tennessee April 7, 1886

Son George, I pen you these Lines to let you and Kate know that we are still Liveing but growing Older and not far from that country from whence no traveler returns. We are in tolerable Health at this time. Your Ma has been at Marys for a week and I don't know how Much Longer she have to stay but they are Looking everyday for it to come and then she will come home and go and see them once or twice a week. Its only about 3 Miles to John Hamilton. His Farther gave him the Old Doulhit? place. James Emmett lives in Giles county at Killer and is doing tolerable well and has two children. Mark. and Leona well the last time I heard from them and doing well. John is here with us and well. I heard from Davys children last week they was well and geting along as well as could be expected under circumstances having a step Farther and think he is a clever man he talks that way his name is Joe Good. No news times is hard here in the Money Line Bacon from 5 to 9 cts per Pound corn 35 Bushel. Hoping when these times come to hand that find you and Kate in good Health and the Blesing God Resting on you Both. Give our Respect to Mrs Gracey and family. George your Ma says that she want you and Kate to come and us for we are groing Old and will never be able to and see you and would be glad to see you Both before she dies and says hopes God will Bles you and Kate.

P.W. Moyers

Rite soon as you get this letter Rite often.


Mary refers to Mary Moyers who married John Hamilton of Dellrose.

James Emmett refers to James Emmett Moyers, son of Peter & Polly and grandfather of Wayne Moyers.

Mark & Leona refers to Peter & Polly's son in law Mark McLaughlin, of Fayetteville, and his wife Leona Moyers McLaughlin.

"John is here with us", refers to John Felix Moyers, son of Peter & Polly.

Mrs. Gracey is believed to refer to Sarah Ann Best Gracy from Lauderdale County, Alabama, mother of Kate Gracy Moyers.

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