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Dellrose, Tennessee February 9, 1896

Son George & daughter Katie, we rite you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along. We are not doeing so well now. We are growing old and feeble not in good health. I have too much blood goeing to head. Causes me to have spells that I know nothing while they last and getting to have them often. Your Ma is hardley ever well. In fact we can hardly make a living we are old and feeble. We are in worse fix then we ever were in our lives. Aint able to do much and therefore cant make much. I will close by telling of you and Katie that we would be glad to see you Rite soon and often so that we can hear frome you.

P. W. Moyers

The most of my trouble is from my eye it Bleeds a great deal. PWM


P.W. died about two years after this letter from cancer in the left eye, which can be seen in the picture included with the 1879 letter.

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