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Millville, Tennessee January 8, 1882

Son Georqe, this leaves us all well at present. In answer to your letter I will tell you that i rote to you all about Davy's death the day after his buiriel He died on the 15 of October last about one oclock in the evenin. Your Ma was with him nearly all the time and I was there every day or so and was with him whcn he died and know that he was atended to with all care that I and his Ma could bestow on him for he loved his Mother and whould not let her leave him a moment if he could have help it.He died smileing no frown nor any sign of troubl on his face. He would get happy often before he got down sick and would sinq and praise God and as sure as there is a here after to man Davy is in a happy Eternity so you must prepare to meet him in Heaven. He said a day or two before he died that he would give fifty dollars for you stop in his door. He talked about his brother and sisters a great deal and wanted to see them all.

I now send you the dates of our births

I was born Sept 21 = 1821

Ma was born March 14 = 1824

Leona Nov 20 = 1841

John Dec 20 = 1842

Billy Jul 18 = 18__

Davy Jun 28 = 1848

George Jan 21 = 1856

James Dec 18 = 1858

Mary Sept 13 = 1863

Billy died Sept the 4 1868

Davy died Oct 15 = 1881

Those dates are correct. I had forgot to tell you that Davy left three children and the youngest died since Davy did and left a qirl and boy Beautric and Thomas.

Son George I will give you the prices of provisions. Corn worth from 80 cts one dollar bushel. Flour from 4 to 4 1/2 cts per pound. Pork from 6 to 7 cents per pound. Money very scarce with high prices on every thing that we buy. John talks of comeing to Texas this spring may be so. Jame Emmett Post Office is Millville. George your Ma says she wants ... and Kate before she dies and send her respects to that good little wife of yours and want you to be good and kind to her and love and respect her above all others.

P.W. Moyers

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