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Dellrose, Tennessee March 8, 1888

Son George and Daughter Kate, I pen you these lines to let you know that we are not all well at this time Your Ma has not been a doeing well in some time. I am uneasey about her and fear that she wont get well. Her sickness is a complicated afare and I fear she wont get out of it. As for my self I am in tolerable health hopeing these line will find you both in good health. I have no news of note. We have had cold and cloudy weather for some days fair this morning. I am goeing to move to John Hamilton They give us one half of the house so we cook and eat to ourselves. Your Ma wont do any other way. We will be handy to water there and I will have pasture for my cows and hogs and Ma will be with Mollie. She is un well and wants her Ma all time with her. Son George I want you to rite to us and let us know how you are getting along. Times are geting hard here no money to be had untill another crop is made. That is the way the people are talking. John is at work and has been for 5 or 6 weeks and has a good many plow stocks on hand but they sell slowley. I will close with telling that John Hamilton and Mollie are tolerable well. Mollie is not very well. Little Mamie is well and capering around. Jim and family are all well as could be expected. Mark and Leona an family were well at last accounts. Rite soon as you get this Letter and let us hear from you.

P.W. Moyers

P.S. George I had Liked to forgot to tell you and Katey that Jim has another girl at his house. Jim says that he is goeing to Texas next fall let the consequencey be as it may. PWM

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