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Dellrose, Tennessee March 28, 1898

Mr. George Moyers,

My Dear Son, I thought I would write and let you all know that Pa died Friday night at nine o'clock the 25 day. John and myself was asleep when he died. I am so lonesome here by myself. He looked mighty natcheral when he died but when they carried him to burry him he turned a purple color. John heard him give a noise and waited for him to call him but he never did and he jumped up out of the bed and went to him and he was drawing his last breath then. He had been sitting up by the fire just a little bit before and he said to us that he was a little cold and he went back to bed and died. We sent for Mary by one of Mr. Mansfields boys and he got lost and it was twelve o'clock when they got here. I never went to the burrying Ada and her husband and Bob and his wife came to the burying. Mark was sick and Leona never got to come. I am in so much trouble I dont believe I can live long. George you all come if there is a possiable chance. Mamie is up here with me now and I got her to write for me. It nearly kills me to see it raining on the poor old thing so hard and just to think that he dont know it. I hope you are all well and doing well. I want to see you all mighty bad. I am sick myself. I believe my trouble will kll me and want you to come and see me. He wanted to see you all before died. Come if you can. I will close and I want you all to write to me often from you.

Mary Polly Moyers


The obituary in the Fayetteville Observer stated: Mr. P.W. Moyers died of cancer at Millville on Friday, March 25, 1898, and was buried the following day at Shiloh. He was born September 21, 1821. He was the father of Mrs. Mark McLaughlin of this place and several years ago lived in Fayetteville and worked as a cabinet-maker. He was a quiet, unostentatious gentleman and died at peace with mankind. Mary (Polly) Moyers died August 4, 1909. Her obituary in the Fayetteville Observer stated: "Mrs. Pollie Moyers, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. John Hamilton, near Dellrose, of blood poison.She was the widow of Mr. Peter W. Moyers, a cabinet workman and undertaker, who was in business in Fayetteville before the war. Burial was at Shiloh."


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