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Dellrose, Tennessee March 8, 1893

Son George and daughter Katie. I will rite you these lines to let you know that we are not well. Your Ma has been sick with the grip for 2 weeks or more and is very bad of yet but is some better. Hoping this will find you both well Katie your Ma says that she want to see you very bad & have no news of note only that times is hard and money scarce. Tell James & Mat that we would be glad to see them and hope that they are doeing well and i will rite to them soon and want them to rite to us. May God bless you all.

P.W. Moyers

We want you rite often and let us hear from you, P.W.M.


James & Mat refers to Peter & Polly's son James Emmett Moyers and wife Mattie Smith Moyers who moved from Bunker Hill, Tennessee to Hunt County, Texas about 1891.

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