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Feature Name St County Name Type Latitude
Bee Springs Cemetery TN Giles cemetery 35.127243
David Smith, father of Mattie Moyers, Burial Site, December 25, 1889.
Bolivar Cemetery TX Denton cemetery 33.35706
Just East of town of Bolivar near a church. Burial site for Mary Ann (Ham) Neel. Photo
Center Star AL Lauderdale pop place 34.861131
Birthplace of Mary Ann (Ham) Neel 9-13-1869.
Decatur, Texas TX Wise locale 33.247755
Old home on the hill 1930s-1940s. Photo
East Bridgeport Cemetery TX Wise cemetery 33.20762
Photograph Burial site for James Prophet Moyers, 10-14-1976 Ruby Bell (Neel) Moyers 4-26-1985 and Eldon Drew Moyers, 12-20-98
Kingston TX Hunt pop place 331510N
Birthplace of James Prophet Moyers 8-25-1903.
Laurel Land Memorial Park TX Tarrant cemetery 32.644043
Fort Worth burial site for Charlie Bond & Tracy Edward Johnson 12-7-62.
Millville TN Lincoln community 35.126347
Peter William Moyers & Wife Polly Smith Moyers lived here from Civil War until death. Photo.
Mount Olivet Cemetery TX Tarrant cemetery 32.792267
Burial site for Rayburn Neel Moyers 11-21-96
Oaklawn Cemetery TX Wise cemetery 33.25855
Burial site for Roy Neel, Willard P. Moyers 9-4-88, Joyce (Toten) Moyers 5-20-85, Bert Pipes 7-7-98.
Old City Cemetery, Fayetteville, TN TN Lincoln cemetery 35.152011
Henry Moyers buried here July 1833. Feriby Phelps Moyers buried here March 5, 1837. First Presbyterian Church Annex was built over the graves. Photo showing plaque on Church Annex listing Henry's & Feriby's tombstone information.
Resthaven Cemetery TX Lubbock cemetery 33.581835
Burial site for Paul W. Moyers 11-21-76, Vonie (Dawson) Moyers 2-20-68, Juanita (Myers) Terrell 10-4-74, & Ardell L. Terrell 11-82.
Roe Elementary School TX Wise school 331835N
Two room school that no longer exists. In 1943-44 Miss Owens taught 7 grades using only one of the rooms. Students included Rayburn, Wayne & James Moyers. Photo of Rayburn Moyers at Roe School.
Shiloh Cemetery TN Lincoln cemetery 35.126283
Peter William Moyers buried here March 28, 1898. Polly Smith Moyers buried here August 4, 1909. Go West on 273 from Fayetteville. Photo
Slidell, Texas TX Wise locale 33.35972
Was formerly known as Hickory Plains. The Hickory Plains name continued to be used for a school. Hickory Plains School was nicknamed "Scratch-Out" and the Slidell School was known as "Lick-skillet". Birthplace of Wayne Moyers. For more information Click Here.
Slidell Cemetery TX Wise cemetery 33.35829
Burial site for Tom Myers 1-10-1963 & Dera (Moyers) Myers 3-18-1969 and sons Leonard 4-1-1961, Leslie 4-16-1956, Raymond 12-30-1956 & Roy 4-2-1942. Photo 1 Photo 2
Thomas Cemetery TX Wise cemetery 33.25345
Burial site for James Pal Moyers 7-14-1988, and Sandra Kay Moyers 11-13-1974. Photo
Union Hill Cemetery, Lakeview, TX TX Hall cemetery 33.326347
James Emmett Moyers buried here October 27, 1942. Mattie Smith Moyers buried here April 21, 1930. Elizabeth Neel buried here July 9, 1932. Two other Moyers graves unidentified.
Photo 1 Photo 2
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