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Sunday Oct 29, 1893

Son George & daughter Katey, I Rite you these lines to let you know that we are not doeing so well in way of Health. I and your Ma have been bad of in the way of Health now for some time. I have strange feelings about the Head and some times of a nite I have very bad spells that I don't under stand. Your Ma is not in good health by no means but we still try to make a living. I have no news of importance. Leona was down to see us a week ago. They wer all well. John Hamilton & Mary and children are well. Son & daughter we would be glad to see you. Your Ma talks a great deal about seeing you for we don't know how long we will stay here. May God Bless you.

P.W. Moyers

I will ad that John is with us and reparing up our house for we are goeing back home in about a month if nothing prevents. Rite soon and often.

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